1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment

1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment

1er Régiment Etranger de Cavalerie, 1er REC. The only cavalry regiment in the French Foreign Legion, since the 2nd Foreign Cavalry Regiment (2e REC) has been disbanded. 1er REC has been stationed at Quartier Labouche in Orange, France since it moved from Mers-el-Kébir, Algeria in October 1967.

The regiment was created in Tunisia in 1921 around a cadre of Russian White movement veterans with extensive light cavalry experience from the Russian Civil War. It subsequently served in Syria and Morocco in 1920′s and 1930′s. After WWII it served in the Indochina War (1946-54), the Algerian War (1954-62), in the Gulf War (1990-91), in Cambodia (1992-93), ex-Yugoslavia (1993-95), Chad (1993), Congo (1997), Macedonia (1999), Kosovo, Afghanistan and Mali (2013).

The regiment is divided into 6 squadrons with an estimated manpower of more than 900 men.

Escadron de Commandement et de Logistique (ECL) – Command and Logistics Squadron.

Escadron d’éclairage et d’investigation de brigade (EEI) – Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron. (4 troops)

1er Escadron – 1st Squadron (4 combat troops and a command troop)

2e Escadron – 2nd Squadron (4 combat troops and a command troop)

3e Escadron – 3rd Squadron (4 combat troops and a command troop)

Escadron d’Aide à l’Engagement (EAE) – anti-tank squadron

Les chefs de corps du 1er REC:

Colonel Ivanoff 1989-1991

Colonel Yakovlev 2001-2003






Héraldique des insignes


French Foreign Legion Cavalry 1 REC badges


French Foreign Legion Equipment


French Foreign Legion Ranks

The ranks within the French Foreign Legion. Ordinary soldiers ranks, Non-commissioned officers ranks, Commissioned officers ranks. Foreign Legion’s ranking system is based on the French Army ranking system. However, there are some distinctions that make Legion ranking system unique.

Before he has received the designation “Legionnaire Second Class” and the right to wear a Képi blanc (White Kepi) and to be named the Legionnaire, an enlisted recruit was called simply as an “Engagé Volontaire” (volunteer) and was authorized to wear a green beret solely.


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